Why I Switched to TiddlyWiki for Note-taking

I need to take lots of notes during my day, mostly related to my day job, research, and hobbies, and to a lesser degree for managing my daily life. Because most of notes are work-related, I cannot use any system that is hosted by a third party. I also don’t want to use multiple systems to do this.

For a while now, I’ve been using TiddlyWiki, and it is FANTASTIC. I came across it while researching self-hosted alternatives to RoamResearch, which my Twitter feed tells me is gaining lots of momentum. Many of the things that seem to attract people to RoamResearch seem to have already been in TiddlyWiki for a while, see “Philosophy of Tiddlers”, and TiddlyWiki was started back in 2004. A note in TiddlyWiki terminology is called a tiddler.

What got me to move to TiddlyWiki?

Here is a non-exhaustive list with the highlights for me:

I would recommend listing to an interview with Jeremy Ruston, the author of TiddlyWiki, on the Changlog podcast. Jeremy touches on things like the ability to open multiple Tiddlers at once. There is so much more to TiddlyWiki, enjoy exploring and hopefully I’ll get to write about some of these at some point.